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X-ray diffuse scattering (xds) is presented, a technique, which determines the roughness, morphology and nanoparticle distribution of thin films.   cut-off reflectors, which allow obtaining a reflected beam with almost no high energy radiation, as well as different monochromator devices that reflect a beam of monoenergetic and polarized radiation are the most widely employed artifacts to perform the excitation radiation improvement in analytical non-expensive tr spectrometers. Parabolically bent multilayers with laterally graded period were applied as condensing reflectors to convert divergent x-rays from laboratory x-ray sources into a parallel beam. Two different modes of coupling such a collimated beam into multi-reflection channel-cut monochromators for high-resolution x-ray diffractometry were tested. The detector consisted of the foil on a support grid, an accelerating grid and a chevron pair of 8 cm diameter mcps. A 45electrostatic mirror was used to transport the secondary electrons from the foil to the mcps as 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200- 0- 200 100 50 d blunt et al. Production of thin metallised plastic films 253 described in refs. Pulsed laser deposition of laterally graded nic-multilayers and their application in parallel beam x-ray optics. Multilayer x-ray optics for energies e 8kev and their application in x-ray analysis. Phase transformation was assessed on the flat area at the lingual aspect of each prosthesis using x-ray diffraction technique with cuk 1. 5418 , at 40 kv, and 40 ma (bruker axs, d75181, karlsruhe, germany). The diffraction data were collected by two techniques (i) conventional x-ray diffraction (xrd) and (ii) micro x-ray diffraction (xrd).   these devices include x-ray tubes , scanning x-ray sources , flat panel displays , and lamps. There are many reasons for the excellent field emission properties of cnts. The first reason is the inertness and temperature stability of the cnt tips for long periods of operation compared with the metal and diamond tips due to their covalent bonding structure, nanotubes do not suffer from.   the in situ two-dimensional (2d) and 3d imaging of the chemical speciation of organic fossils is an unsolved problem in paleontology and cultural heritage. Here, we use x-ray raman scattering (xrs)based imaging at the carbon k-edge to form 2d and 3d images of the carbon chemistry in two exceptionally preserved specimens, a fossil plant dating back from the carboniferous and an ancient. The fundamental parameters approach to line profile fitting uses physically based models to generate the line profile shapes.

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