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Anal leakage is sometimes called bowel incontinence, fecal incontinence or anal seepage. Some people only realize that they suffer from a leaky anus when they notice anal discharge on their underwear. The seepage may be watery stool or mucus that has passed unknowingly from the rectal muscles. A unwashable and indestructible ass grease is found in numerous light and fat-free potato chips. An indigestible molecule, it inhibits the absorption of vitamins and minerals causing abdominal cramping, loose stools, gas, and perhaps most notoriouslyanal leakage.   butterfish was ok for me most of the time and i dont mind the flavour whereas my husband does not like it at all. I am not sure if it was the butterfish but on one occasion, i actually had really bad green diarrhea right after finishing a sashimi meal at a japanese restaurant. The way the wax-esters get flushed through the body could result in anal leakage and accidental soiling of one self. Steatorrhea (or steatorrhoea) is the presence of excess fat in feces. Stools may be bulky and difficult to flush, have a pale and oily appearance and can be especially foul-smelling. An oily anal leakage or some level of fecal incontinence may occur. There is increased fat excretion, which can be measured by determining the fecal fat level. Discussion in archive your jedi council community started by ellybeanjay, may 20, 2008. Escolar, sometimes sold or served under the name hawaiian walu, butterfish, and super white tuna, is a deliciously light and buttery fish with one small problem. Beware the butterfish, warns soiled writer by john del signore feb. Alex balk anal leakage butterfish cleveland diarrhea discharge eric ripert escolar esters gawker get. The escolar, lepidocybium flavobrunneum, a species of fish in the family gempylidae, is found in deep (200885 metres (6562,904 ft)) tropical and temperate waters around the world. It is also known as snake mackerel, walu walu (hawaiian, also seen written waloo), and is sometimes fraudulently sold as butterfish or white tuna, a matter aggravated by potential health problems related to.   quote starting in 1996, an fda-mandated health warning label read this product contains olestra. Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools (anal leakage). Olestra inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients.

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