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Question what does the bible say about anal sex? What is sodomy according to the bible? Answer there is no overt mention of anal sex in the bible. In the account of sodom and gomorrah in genesis 19, a large group of men sought to gang rape two angels who had taken the form of men. In her new book, christians under covers evangelicals and sexual pleasure on the internet, university of nebraska-lincoln sociologist kelsy burke offers small peek under the covers of the sex lives of evangelical christians and her findings reveal a lot of kinky behavior, including anal play. Question what is a christian couple allowed to do in sex? Answer the bible says that marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for god will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral (hebrews 134). Since all sex was supposed to be for the purposes of procreation, certain positions were banned (no sex standing up, the woman shouldnt be on top, no doggy style, oral, anal, or masturbation). And then there were restrictions on what days of the week people could have sex (not on fast days, or feast days for a saint, or on sundays, for example). When it comes to sex, most married christians just do what works for them. If they have been blessed enough to have discovered something that brings satisfaction, pleasure, closeness,. Sex outside of marriage can be holy, according to this christian minister.   the forums in the christian congregations category are now open only to christian members. Please review our current faith groups list for information on which faith groups are considered to be christian faiths. Christian members please remember to read the statement of purpose threads for each forum within christian congregations before posting in the forum.

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